Who We Are

Explore Africa Travel has been founded as a merger between the Namibian entities ´Explore Namibia´ and `Meine Namibia Safaris` in order to combine forces and complement each other in terms of experience and knowledge. It strengthened the desire to grow offering a wider variety of professional services and more opportunities to our clients to explore other destinations in Africa.
Our portfolio consists of complete 4×4 self-drive trips as well as specialized private guided tours with an experienced and knowledgeable driver/guide. We offer these holiday adventures in different African destinations such as Namibia, Botswana, Malawi, Zambia, etc. Moreover, we offer our assistance to book international flights being an IATA accredited agent. We also act as a booking agency for fully-equipped 4×4 rental vehicles, accommodations and campsites, either to the B2B and B2C market.

Explore Africa Travel

Under the umbrella of the newly named Explore Africa Travel, we offer a range of brands all being specialized in terms of African destinations:

Explore Namibia

Explore Namibia

Explore Malawi

Discover Tanzania

My Guided Namibia Safaris

4x4 Car Hire

My Guided Namibia Safaris

Over the past years our company has grown rapidly and built a strong team with a vast amount of local ‘know-how’ and up-to-date information, maintaining close relationships with trustworthy local partners being present in all local destinations.
We do have own offices in southern Africa (Windhoek, Namibia) as well as in Europe (Bodegraven, the Netherlands & Malaga, Spain).

Our Enthouisiastic Management Team



It all started in 2006 when we left the Netherlands to start a new life in Africa. Southern Africa has been our favorite destination for many years and this we wanted to share with others. During this time, we organized many tours. Travelling should be at the traveler’s own pace and focus on their own interests. And it has to be an adventure!


Namibia is a land of contrast, full of natural wonders and cultural diversity: a perfect place for a multi-cultural soul to fit right in! I’m not an “original” Namibian, growing up in the country has left an unerasable Africa-shaped mark on my heart, and I’m hoping to help as many others as possible discover this wonderful country and continent for themselves. There’s something awe-inspiring about the solitude of wide-open and untouched nature of Namibia which you can’t explain, it just has to be experienced!


As a child, a family safari was always a huge adventure. We would drive in our car through the winding roads or fly in the small plane to reach the far-off places, which are well hidden, like in the Okavango Delta or the Savute marshes of Botswana. It is great to discover new destinations, setting up camp, unearthing unknown plants and spotting animals. Still today, I enjoy a family holiday in our beautiful ‘neighborhood’ and experience something new with every single trip or excursion. There is simply no better escape from our busy life than spending time in nature.


Millions of bright stars at night, a cozy BBQ campfire in the middle of nature, the sights of free-roaming wildlife and breathtaking landscapes with endless horizons. In a search for adventure and ultimate freedom, these elements made me fall in love with Africa. And until today, I realize that Elise and I have been very fortunate being able to make our dreams come true, something that I will be grateful for the rest of my life.


As a born and bred Namibian, now the fourth generation in this beautiful country, it gives me incredible pleasure to share the unique destination of southern Africa and its hidden charms with you. After a few years residing in Germany, the yearning for the African freedom and the love for my homeland pulled me back to Africa. At that time, I drove back to Namibia on my motorcycle from Germany across all of Africa. During this five-months journey, I got to know many facets of the mother continent and also discovered my love for tourism.


After falling in love with my husband Rainer, who is born Namibian and who took me on my first trip to Namibia, I fell in love with Africa. Africa offers the most colorful and breathtaking places on earth. Endless deserts, untouched nature, deltas with abundant wildlife and fascinating cultures. On our travels we have explored the most remote places and have discovered hidden gems. When we talk about the different destinations, we don’t just share information from any catalog, we share our personal experiences and our enthusiasm for this continent. Traveling is my passion and I am grateful to be able to share this passion with our customers every day.