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Explore Africa Travel is offering a growing variety of travel destinations in Africa. Visit our EXPLORE websites to gain inspiration and contact our specialized and knowledgeable tour consultants to build together your own, tailor-made adventure to the country of your choice.


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Find out more about our trips, safari´s and travel places. Experience the adventure of your life, but well organized, personally planned and completely safe. Our team will always make sure that you will experience the journey of your dreams!

Endless Horizons

Climb the highest sand dunes in the world. Descend to the deepest canyon in Africa. Immerse yourself in the past at one of the Africa’s richest rock art sites, and watch wildlife shimmer against the most spectacular Etosha salt pan. Explore the oldest desert in the world and take time to listen to the silence and to your soul.


Our Pride, Your Destination

Untamed and untamable, Botswana is one of the last great refuges for Nature’s magnificent pageantry of life. Whether your thing is safaris, mokoro rides, quad biking, 4×4 off-road adventures, you are sure to make the best of your stay in Botswana.


The Warm Heart of Africa

Experience the unrivalled combination of Lake, Landscape, Wildlife & Culture in one of Africa’s most beautiful and compact countries, described as the ‘Warm Heart of Africa’.


The spirit of Africa Comes Alive

The enchanting world of Zambia, where the spirit of Africa comes alive! Immerse yourself in the captivating allure of the legendary African walking safari, be spellbound by the majestic Victoria Falls, and navigate the untamed Zambezi River as you discover its wild wonders. In this remarkable country, Zambia offers an unforgettable holiday experience that unveils the true essence of Africa.


Stunningly Beautiful Country

Tanzania is home to some of Africa’s most famous national parks and natural attractions, including the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro. Visit the beautiful white beaches of Zanzibar. Pemba and Mafia islands are another kind of natural wonders; experience the coral gardens, colorful fish, and crystal-clear waters.

Off-road Adventures

Guided Off-road Safari's

Guided Off-road Safari's in

Namiba & Botswana


Namibia & Botswana

We are also your specialist for 4×4 guided tours through the Kaokoland and Damaraland in Namibia and through the wilderness in Botswana. Our guided tours are managed by Rainer, from origin a fully qualified guide himself. You will be accompanied by a well-trained and knowledgeable guide, assisting with Campsite Set Ups/ Lodge Check-ins, National Park entry procedures and planned excursions and activities.


You’ll be chauffeured by an experienced driver or you will drive yourself with your own 4×4 rental vehicle in a guided convoy. Our guide will share his wide knowledge of the fauna and flora, whilst taking you on the 4×4 routes least traveled. Bringing you closer to untouched nature and wild animals with great excitement.


4x4 Car Rental

4x4 Car Hire

in Namibia

and southern Africa

4x4 Car Hire

in Namibia and southern Africa

in Namibia and southern Africa

We are specialized in fully equipped 4×4’s which are perfectly fitted for a self-drive holiday adventure in Namibia, Botswana, South-Africa (incl. Swaziland and Lesotho), Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Malawi. You can choose a vehicle without or including camping equipment and rooftop tent. Car Rental Namibia offers the best 4WD vehicles in the whole of southern Africa!

Adventures of a Lifetime

Explore Africa Travel


Camping Trips

Camping is the best way of connecting with all the amazing natural places that you visit, as you sleep completely surrounded by wilderness and under a blanket of sparkling stars. When you’re going to be spending at least a few nights in a rooftop tent, these will most likely turn out to be your best nights of your trip!

Self-Drive Holidays

Travellers planning a holiday to Africa choosing a self-drive safari as their method of travel will experience an ultimate level of freedom and independence, as it provides the ability to customize their holiday completely to suit your own personal needs.

Private Guides

When you choose a private guided safari, you get all the advantages of tailor made travel – flexible schedules and special interest focus – wrapped up in the competent and inspiring care of one Africa’s most respected guides.


Luxury Lodging

Africa’s top luxury safari lodges may look quite different from the dusty tents of explorer’s past, but they’ve still got an air of adventure and romance. Africa offers many incredible places to stay, from luxury tented safari camps to boutique hotels in wine estates.

Car Hire Only

Book your well-maintained and reliable premium 4×4 off-road vehicles for your adventurous African self-drive safari.

Create Eternal Memories

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Establishing a new perspective on the importance of spending time with those you love, and how important it is to create memories and step out of our comfort zones. There is no better way to do this than to travel through beloved Africa.

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Our Service

Our thoughtful team of knowledgeable experts are here to take care of every need, from the second you contact us to when you return
Our team of friendly and service-minded Tour Consultants is available in Europe and Afrika to assist you making a personalized tailor-made travel proposal and to answer all questions you might have. You can reach us by phone, e-mail and chat. We can set-up a (digital) meeting to discuss all your wishes and preferences. Feel free to contact us anytime!
We are, amongst others, proud member of the ATTA (African Tour Operator Association), the ANVR (Dutch Association of Travel Agents and Tour Operators) and SGR (Dutch guarantee fund for prepaid travel money). This means we offer reliability and security towards our clients, as we work according to the ANVR travel and booking conditions, agreed with the European Consumers Association. The SGR label also provides financial certainty in case of possible bankruptcy.
Every traveler has their own preferences. Some like to book as little as possible in advance and rather have a rough plan only, to be flexible along the way. Others like to have most of their holiday pre-organized, not to worry about the next place to stay. We can assist you in many different ways. Do you like to have a lot of freedom during your trip? Then we can help you with a vehicle. If you prefer more comfort, we can offer you the full package including flights and activities.

When you travel into amazing, wild and exhilarating Africa, there is one thing you must surely have properly arranged beforehand. A safari holiday requires back-up of a local expert who has inherent knowledge of the local African situation. This can either be our local support office in case of self-drive or your personal guide in case of a private guide safari trip.

We understand that our activities have a positive, but can also have a negative, impact on the surroundings; positive by creating (local) employment and social development, but we also realize that our tourists might have another impact on the environment. We attach great importance to reducing the pressure that tourism exerts on the natural and social living environment of our travel destinations, and we see it as our corporate responsibility, and are committed to, constantly improve in the field of responsible, and maintaining sustainable travel.